Well it looks like you found my blog! I’d say CONGRATS but that might be presumptuous of me. Maybe you’ll love it…maybe you’ll haaate it. I’m going to keep doing it no matter what you think, so let me know either way!

SO here’s a little of what to expect if you want to keep clicking. I like food. I’m from Wisconsin. I like Wisconsin food. I like small towns. I like to explore hidden gems in small towns. It’s pretty simple. I’ll be writing about my explorations — food and non-food — and telling you where to find great food and hidden gems in Wisconsin. Hopefully you’ll get some good suggestions for your own explorations, some insight into how great small towns can be, and maybe some laughs along the way. Feel free to share your hidden gems in the comments section!

If you’re familiar with my food blog from circa 2017, you can still read all of those ruthless reviews here (lol).