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>I am now blogging, not about myself, but about food! I absolutely love food and as a college student, plan to not eat like one! Over the summer I have discovered that I am decently talented in the kitchen and love the products of spending time there. In the past I never spent much time in the kitchen and was not very adventurous. I grew up eating meat and potatoes every day of the week except Tuesdays when we had beef tacos with lettuce and shredded lettuce. Because of that limited menu I have become pretty adventurous with new foods and learning how to cook interesting ingredients.

I have conquered some great ingredients this summer including kale, bok choi, squash, and couscous. I can even make my own spaghetti sauce from scratch (I put hot sauce in it to make it a little different)! I have also been a little weary about baking but recently made whole wheat banana muffins from scratch two weeks ago!

I make pretty simple meals but make them special by doctoring up inexpensive ingredients and making things last. I will be blogging about what I cook, recipes I have found and tried, and positive or negative restaurant experiences that have influenced how I may cook in the future.


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