Crock Pot

>Today, I made my first dinner in a crock pot. I was very excited about the prospect of coming home to dinner hot and ready. I decided to make beef stroganoff and prepped it this morning. While I was prepping it this morning I had quite a few difficulties that probably should have hinted to the fact that the dinner wasn’t going to be good but I ignored them!

I spilled the dry onion soup mix all over my counter and the cork in the wine cracked so I couldn’t get it out. It took me an extra 20 minutes to prep this morning but I was still excited about the meal. At lunch I came home and stirred it and is smelled salty. I decided to add some water to dilute the salt and I went back to class.

When I got home I could smell it in the hallway! But it was a disappointment. It turned out to be a salty, runny beef stew. I am a little annoyed with the crock pot recipe book that came with my crock pot but I will really want try making something it it again. The idea of a crock pot is a great idea but my first recipe was terrible…I am thinking about making a chicken chili next…the recipe is from a different cook book so hopefully it will be better! To make up for the bad stroganoff I had some Starbucks vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and some sprinkles! That’s the way to end a bad dinner!


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  1. >oh no! sounds like a rough time. have you tried again? I have a mini little crockpot but i've been too afraid to use it/cook in it. I have a fear that if I leave things plugged into outlets in the kitchen when I am gone, the apartment complex will burn down. SO, if i ever use a crockpot, it will be a major step in conquering my non-existant OCD-ness.BTW Hannah, love the blog!

  2. >I have tried again, twice. I will be blogging about the third and fourth times this week sometime!You should use your crock pot! The outside of the crock pot doesn't even get hot…here's a little trick. Put it on a wooden cutting board so that the counter doesn't even get warm. That's what my mom told me to do and when I come home after it being on high for 8 hours the only thing that is hot is the food!

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