>As a college student who really enjoys to eat…I always make time for a meal. But at last week’s Badger Homecoming game the excitement of keeping the axe kept me from eating lunch at the stadium and the heat overwhelmed my oatmeal and banana breakfast. So, right after I jumped around, I felt quite a bit light headed and had to get some water and hot dog. Now, nothing tastes better than when your hunger is overwhelming to the point of fainting (it was probably a combination of heat, hunger, and lack of sleep too!). That lukewarm hot dog, soggy bun, ketchup and spicy mustard tasted better than anything I had had in quite a while. So when I got home I decided I wanted hot dogs for dinner.

After walking to the grocery store to buy hot dogs, spicy brown mustard, and hot dog buns I sat about making my meal. I understand why some people choose to not eat hot dogs but they are pretty darn delicious with the right toppings. My first hot dog was too hot and the bun was too sturdy. I let my second hot dog sit in the bun for about 15 minutes before I ate it and it was too cold. Halfway through my third failed hot dog I was not only full, but frustrated at the fact that I couldn’t recreate the magnificent hot dog.

Conclusion: 1) There is no way to make something taste as good as it did when you were so hungry you couldn’t stand in the student section of Camp Randall for the rest of 4th quarter unless you had something to eat. 2) There is no way to make hot dogs taste as good at home as they do at a stadium (any type of stadium usually has good hot dogs!).

Moral of the story: Spend the $4 at Camp Randall to get the stadium hot dog experience and don’t wait till it is absolutely needed just to make it t0 5th Quarter!


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