>I have been in Madison almost four years now and there are still quite a few restaurants that I haven’t been to and really want to. Below is a list of restaurants I want to go to and why I want to go (the reasons do traverse a wide range of points). Disclaimer: this is a pretty limited list because I have a list of 50 or so restaurants I want to go to in Madison or its surrounding areas but that would be a really long blog post!

  1. The Old Fashioned: This restaurant has received accolades from foodies for years as a quintessential Wisconsin restaurant and well….I’m from Wisconsin but the daunting 45 minute wait every night of the week has kept this restaurant on my list.
  2. Harvest: local, organic food from the Dane County Farmer’s Market…enough said!
  3. Marigold Kitchen: I’ve heard the food is exceptionally good for the price, and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!
  4. Ocean Grill: The extent of my seafood-eating experience is very limited, mostly because I don’t want to be scared away from seafood by badly prepared dishes. So I am saving lobster, crab and scallops for this place right off the square!
  5. Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery: I love cupcakes…point blank!
  6. Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry: It has won best campus burger for many years in different publications. Plus, I love a block away and probably should just stop by one day!
  7. Lombardino’s: I love authentic Italian food and this place always wins that category. The sketchy building, weird mural, and high prices have kept me out of this place.
  8. Green Owl Cafe: I love Owls and vegetarian food. This place is Owl themed and all vegetarian! For the longest time I would drive over by the Atwood neighborhood looking to stop here and couldn’t find it. I ran across it over the summer and now that I know where it is I can’t seem to make time to go!

If you’ve been to one of these restaurants and have comments or menu recommendations, or think my list is missing a restaurant…let me know!


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  1. >Dotty's is awesome. Everytime I pass Lombardino's I get creeped out. Other awesome places: Sa-Bai Thong (Thai) on University, Chautara (Nepalese/Nepali?) on State, and Delaney's on the West Side – BEST steak I have ever had in my life.

  2. >We need to go to Dotty's together! I agree about Lombardino's…but apparently it is very good. I have not been to sa-bai thong because I am not the biggest fan of thai (I am allergic to coconut and don't like peanut sauce so that means I usually can't eat 99% of the menu!). I have been to Chautara…it is very very good, Himal Chuli is next door and owned by the same people…it is cheaper and I think it is better!

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