Farmers’ Markets

>I absolutely love fall and there’s nothing more fall to me than the Dane County Farmers’ Market. Don’t get me wrong, I am an equal opportunity Farmers’ Market lover but the Dane County market has a special place in my heart. This morning I got up before the rest of campus just to go to the market. I love buying fresh vegetables in the crisp fall weather! I bought two jars of natural jam (stocking up for the winter!), four heirloom tomatoes, an eggplant, a huge onion, a butternut squash, a flowering cabbage and a green pepper. I plan to make a lovely stir fry and a casserole tomorrow to eat off of this week, both including all of the produce I bought this morning! I was a little sad that the cucumber season seemed to be over and I hope next week vendors will still have lettuce, carrots and tomatoes!

I also love that I can go to the market looking for cucumbers but when I’m told the season is over I can find a new ingredient! I have never seen or eaten a flowering cabbage but it is beautiful and has a peppery flavor! I am very excited to make a salad with it!

Happy farmers’ marketing…there are only a couple weeks left in the growing and harvesting season!


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