Tator Tot Casserole!

Last week I decided that because it was fall and cold I wanted to make a casserole. I started looking through my recipe books and then realized something…my favorite childhood recipe is a casserole! One of the best memories I have of going to daycare when I was younger was the days we get to eat tator tot casserole for lunch! At my daycare, everyone was asked one question before they got lunch: ‘Do you want a lot, a little, or a dot?” On tator tot casserole day everyone always said ‘a lot!’

When I decided to make tator tot casserole I knew I had all of the ingredients because it is a very simple recipe. I just ran to the grocery store to get some ground beef. The rest of the recipe calls for cream of mushroom soup, frozen green beans, onions, and frozen tator tots! I leave out the onions because they never seem to cook up enough to take the really oniony taste out. All you do is layer all of the ingredients: ground beef, soup, beans, tator tots, and bake for an hour and it comes out hot and bubbly!

There’s nothing like your favorite childhood recipe on a cold, windy, fall day! And I had leftovers to live off of for a week!


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