>This week I went to dinner with a bunch of friends from work. We went to Frida’s. I’ve never been to Frida’s, mostly because my freshman year everyone said the only reason to go to Frida’s was the fact that they have good, cheap margaritas and don’t card. So basically I never wanted to go based on the fact that I had never heard anything too positive about the actual food. So when I got the invite I was excited because I always wanted a reason to go other than the half-priced margaritas!

My first impression was that it was a lot bigger than I had pictured because when you walk by all you see is the bar area. But the entire restaurant opens up in the back to a big open space and second floor in the back. We were seated on the second floor which was pretty cool! The menu is pretty typical Mexican-American food with an entire page dedicated to tequila! I ordered a chicken fajita burrito (the only one at the table to order something other than a quesadilla). I always appreciate free chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants and Frida’s did not disappoint. The chips were really good but the salsa was a little lacking in spice for my taste and had a bit too much cilantro in it. My burrito was good…the chicken was grilled and the vegetables inside were very well seasoned. The sauce on top of the burritos was, again, lacking in spice but the refried beans were very good and it came with a good helping of rice, lettuce and sour cream.

The prices are a little high for traditional tex-mex food which made it absolutely necessary to fill up on chips and save the second half of my burrito for lunch the next day. All in all, it was good dinner and a great night out with the girls!


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