Stir Fry

I think one of the best ways to, in my opinion, eat vegetables is a batch of stir fry. Most people eat stir fry with rice but I find that if there’s enough texture between the vegetables it is good by itself or with a chicken breast, which is good because that’s less carbs! Usually, I just put any vegetables I have in a pan with garlic and olive oil. But the best stir fry is planned because some vegetables take a really long to cook in a pan and some take a really short time so it is good to put things in the pan in a planned order.

I usually put the garlic and onions in first to get them to flavorize (yep…I just made up a word!) the entire dish. Then I put in potatoes, mushrooms, fresh brussel sprouts and carrots if I have any of those ingredients. Yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli, eggplant and cauliflower go in next. And finally kale, other greens and tomatoes go in right before everything else is done.

Other than the garlic I usually put in a bunch of hot sauce and sometimes I put chili powder on the potatoes! Stir fry is a really versatile entree because you can put anything into that you have. I have also put radishes and baby bok choi into a stir fry once. I’m not the biggest fan of making stir fry with meat in it, I usually just make a chicken breast to go with the stir fry. I am interested in trying tofu but am not sure if I should use the crumble or the cubes…any suggestions?


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