Non-traditional Thanksgiving

>This is the first year I have not been able to make it to the annual family gathering in my hometown. Instead, my parents came down to my tiny tiny apartment with my dog. There were only three of us and none of us are particularly big fans of turkey so we decided to make a non-traditional meal. My parents brought down steak and a veggie tray, and I made crescent rolls (sort of traditional but an absolute must!) and chocolate, pecan pie with whiskey in it (YUMMY!). My mom also brought along a really good creamy horseradish sauce for the steak!

I didn’t miss the dry turkey or the mushing stuffing. I have also never been a fan of the cranberry sauce or any of the weird desserts of the “fluff” or jello and fruit variety. The only things I did miss were the squash (my grandma’s squash is amazing!) and the pumpkin pie (there were only three of us so 2 pies seemed like a but much and my dad doesn’t like pumpkin pie).

It was also good because they were gone by early afternoon and then I had the rest of the day to do laundry and homework. It was the most productive Thanksgiving I’ve ever had! What does your family do for Thanksgiving that isn’t traditional?


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