Cereal Transition Combos

>I know I am not the only one out there who has an obsession/love of cereal [mine me be closer to loving it but I know there are definitely people out there who are obsessed!]. My love of cereal stems, like most people’s, from childhood breakfasts. I used to eat Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Apple Jacks just like everyone. But for some reason, my mom wouldn’t let me each chocolate cereals. So when I got to high school I started buying my own cereal and fell in love with Cocoa Puffs. Now that my daily breakfast usually consists of toast and coffee in stead of cereal I eat it for other meals.

I still like to eat the sugary cereals once in awhile (especially Berry Berry Kix –> has to be the ‘berry berry’ kind because the plain kind is boring) but my new “adult” cereals are apple cinnamon cheerios and multigrain cheerios. I recommend trying them both! Both are pretty healthy, as far as cereal goes without having to eat All Bran, and both are very tasty!

I am, however, NOT one of those people who can eat cereal without milk. I think the beauty of milk of the combination of cold milk and crunchy cereal! I am also not a fan of warm cereal…I have started making myself eat oatmeal when I know I need something substantial to get me through a long morning but it is not the most enjoyable flavor or texture (I even eat the cinnamon/sugar kind and add fruit…).

So here’s the most important caveat to eating cereal. When you get to the end of box and there’s not enough cereal for an entire bowl do you eat a small bowl of cereal that morning, eat that bowl and then half of your next box, or do you mix the two together? This might not be as much of a question if you eat the same cereal all the time but I rotate between types to keep things interesting! I usually don’t have the time to eat two bowls of cereal and find only eating half a bowl of cereal not an option. So, I usually mix my options together! I have had everything from Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and Lucky Charms to Cocoa Puffs and Apple Jacks. I think it makes breakfast more interesting and the end of/beginning of cereal a lot more fun!

What do you do? What are some of the best/worst cereal transition combos you’ve had?!

Also, why don’t cereals put surprises in boxes anyone? Is it the type of cereal I eat or do cereals just not put toys in there anymore?


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