THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

>So because I put the title of this blog in a caps with a lot of exclamation points behind it I am assuming you thought this would be an excited blog post about the wonders of football and massively expensive commercials. Sorry, but that’s not what this is about. I understand why the Super Bowl is a big deal for some people but what I don’t get is the food people eat during the Super Bowl.

I may be exposed to more of this because the Packers are in the Super Bowl this year but when I was grocery shopping yesterday I saw green muffins…they were literally green. And after looking at the label it realized they weren’t moldy but in fact dyed that way for Packer fans…am I the only one that finds green muffins odd? Aside from dying food the color of the teams playing everything else is consumed during Super Bowl Sunday is just mega unhealthy. Why not eat green peppers, cucumbers and guacamole? They’re green! I understand the desire to eat fried foods, hamburgers, chicken wings and a lot of cheese but throwing in alcohol? There’s nothing worse than a massive fried food baby and a hangover.

And what is the fascination with eating food shaped like a football or a football helmet? Does it make cookies or cheese taste better? What about the large beer and chip displays at the grocery store? The beer spells out “Go Pack” and the chips look like a football field…equipped with goal posts and yard lines. That’s a lot of work for a football game!

To each his own though I guess! I will be celebrating the Super Bowl with a frozen cheese pizza that I will add mushrooms and green peppers to while reading a book on Global Media Ethics. What about you?


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