Mermaid masters mochas and mood

>The Mermaid Cafe is a tiny blue building that inconspicuously sits on Winnebago Street at the very East gateway of the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara neighborhood. The blue bricks and big front windows do not give justice to the great neighborhood atmosphere and amazing coffee options of the Mermaid. They have free WiFi and large tables which are both very conducive to staying for awhile, enjoying a nice lunch and a coffee, and getting some work done.

Mermaid Cafe on Winnebago Street

I thoroughly enjoyed the chalkboard wall where it looked like anyone could write a message or  draw a picture. The large wood booths (that looked like old church pews) were surprisingly comfortable and there were a bunch of different seating options for groups, individuals, table or no table, and outdoor seating will be added once the weather warms up. One of the best aspects of the cafe is that it is locally owned and the owner can usually be found making the lunch special behind the counter!

Mermaid Cafe front window

After reading online reviews of the Mermaid I decided to get a mocha because they got rave reviews and oh boy was that a good choice! The mocha was smooth, rich and made with real chocolate sauce and topped with read whipped cream! I was very happy with my experience at the Mermaid and it will definitely be a regular stop when I’m in the neighborhood.

Bottom Line: I will go back for the coffee and the atmosphere but am very anxious to try their sandwich and breakfast options.

Rumor mill from the Mermaid’s Facebook page: they may be serving dinner options soon!


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