Give Peas a Chance!

>I am an anomaly when it comes to college students and preferred foods. Example: I absolutely love peas! I love cooked peas, raw peas, cold peas and peas in recipes. Sometimes, if a recipe doesn’t already have a vegetable in it I will toss a bag of frozen peas into it just for color! Oh yeah, this one I can blame on my mom, I love mixing a can of peas in with a box of mac and cheese. It is great! Seriously, you should try it!

Peas added to a salad

But one of the best ways to eat peas is cold and on top of a salad! It is so refreshing and adds great texture and nutrients! I recommend adding peas into your favorite crock pot recipe, pasta dish or even using peas to substitute ingredients to jazz up a traditional recipe.

Try this recipe for green pea hummus. It is excitingly green and unexpectedly flavorful!

Bottom Line: GIVE PEAS A CHANCE!!!

Published by hmcclung

University of Wisconsin Alum. Badger for Life. Lover of social media and all things involving food. Coffee addict. If you don't like the truth don't ask my opinion. I'm just a Wisconsin girl exploring the state!

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