Lovin the whole wheat banana pancakes!

>I have been eating pancakes since I was little. My Dad would make tiny, perfect pancakes and my Mom would make one large pancake the size of the pan. So my first foray into anything but homemade pancakes that taste better than they look was interesting. I went to breakfast a couple years ago at the Sunroom Cafe and got their whole wheat blueberry pancakes. To say the least, they were amazing. The second time I went I got whole wheat banana pancakes and they were better! And after getting my whole wheat banana pancake fix at the Sunroom Cafe for two years I decided I could make my own.

Ingredients for whole wheat banana pancakes

I bought Aunt Jemima’s whole wheat pancake mix and had two ripe bananas (not sure if this would work as good with yellow bananas because they aren’t as soft but I am partial to really ripe bananas to start with so that’s what I decided to use). Basically all I did was mix the bananas (chopped into bite size pieces) into the whole wheat pancake mix and made the pancakes like normal. Then I added some slices of the remaining banana on top for a little extra texture! They turned out really good! The combination of the nuttiness of the whole wheat pancakes and the fresh bananas was great! I barely used any syrup because the bananas were so flavorful on their own! I think the mark of good pancakes are ones you don’t have to drench in syrup.

Sunday morning breakfast!

I ate my pancakes with pepper bacon (which I absolutely love and is from my uncle’s meat store, Hewitt’s Meat) and orange juice! It was a perfect start to a productive Sunday at home!


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