Ahead of the DIY curve with garlic, parmesean croutons

>A couple weeks ago I was reading the newest All You magazine (if you’ve never heard of it give it a look see, it is amazing! coupons, recipes, DIY advice!) and one of the featured DIY articles was about making your own croutons. And after reading the article I am now going to claim that they stole all my ideas. A week before the magazine came out I was trying to figure out what to do with a week old loaf of sourdough bread I had forgotten I had in my cupboard. After realizing the bread would probably mold before I could eat it as just bread, I decided I either needed to make bread pudding or croutons. And since I’m not the biggest sweets fan I opted for the crouton idea.

Garlic, chili powder, parmesan croutons

I wanted to make something based on my flavor preferences so I didn’t look up any recipes online. I jumped right in, preheated the over to 400 degrees (my philosophy is the hotter the oven, the faster the food cooks!), and cubed the bread into bite sized pieces. Then I doused the bread in olive oil, garlic powder, chili powder, salt and Parmesan cheese. I baked them for 10 minutes, tried to flip over each crouton (which definitely didn’t happen because I’m not that patient) and baked for another 10ish minutes. And that, ladies and gentleman, is exactly what the All You article said. I’m pretty sure they know they copied me because now I can’t find the article on their website ;).

Salad with the croutons!

Something I also did, and the article agreed with, is that I put the croutons in an air tight container and ate them within a week.

Bottom line: Buy a type of bread you like, eat half of the loaf and make the rest into croutons. Also, use ingredients you prefer instead of a recipe (you’ll enjoy them more!) and never tell anyone your brilliant ideas because they will end up in a magazine a month later!


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