Daunting Lake Shore Path on Geneva Lake wins Round 1

Path in Williams Bay

A couple months ago I learned about the Lake Shore Path that goes all the way around Geneva Lake. I was very curious about the 26 mile route that puts you between the lake and the million dollar homes…literally right on the Wrigley, Stone Manor and Casa del Sueno properties. After doing some research and recruiting some friends…I decided to try completing the route in one day (Gulp!).

Lake Geneva Walking Path rules

Well…to not keep you in anticipation…I failed. I started at Pier 290 in Williams Bay and made it to the library in Lake Geneva. I’m not sure how far that was (didn’t start a distance tracker…whoops!), but I was over it by the time we got to LG. I do plan on attempting this again, but during a much cooler time of year. Here are some of my mistakes, tips, observations, and the sights from my partial lake shore path walk.

Path near Pier 290 in Williams Bay



  • Trying to walk the entire 26 miles in the humidity of July
  • Not using a distance tracker
  • Not spraying down with bug spray


Path in downtown Lake Geneva


  • Start early in the day
  • Make note of where bathrooms are…and use the ones you see no matter what! Once you’re on parts of the path, there’s no getting off to find a bathroom.
  • To go along with the first one, drink water even if you’re afraid of having to pee too often (I think this is why I got so tired so fast)
  • Wear sunscreen and bug spray
  • Bring extra socks to change out your sweaty ones (thanks for the tip Angie and Clare!)
  • Bring chapstick and gum
  • Pack snacks/lunch
  • Be prepared to get wet: There are sprinklers that directly cross the path and if they’re on, you can’t avoid them.
  • Know where you’re going to stop and take breaks, but have a time limit…otherwise you might never get back up and keep walking.



  • There’s a lot to see on the path, make sure you pad in some time to take it all in.
    • Ex. There are cute spots to take pictures (remember: stay on the path!) and there are a couple interactive spots — like the “Mystery Mailbox” in Williams Bay.




  • Keep an eye out for sights on the lake…like Steam Yatch Louise from Lake Geneva Cruise Lines!
Steam Yatch Louise
  • Be prepared to walk on anything from grass and mud to rocks and boardwalks.
  • On some properties, it is very hard to tell where the path is..don’t feel bad about “trespassing” and just keep following the lake. You’ll find a marking eventually!


  • You can’t help but stare at some of these homes…whehter you like the big guys or the cute “little” cottages.
  • There’s one home on the north shore very close to downtown Lake Geneva that makes you walk behind and around their fenced in home…I have many questions about this property. How are they allowed to do this? Who are these people? Why do they think they’re special and can do this? I was annoyed with this house…if that isn’t obvious.


Have you walked the Lake Geneva Walking Path? Have you walked to entire thing in one day? Tell me how!


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