Local, unique cheeses featured at Lake Geneva Country Meats


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about Lake Geneva Country Meats. You can go read it here. I said their cheese section was a bit small and anyone looking for a large selection of Wisconsin cheeses could go somewhere else.

I’m sticking with my opinion that their are places you can go that have more options, but I will say that you might not want to go to those places over LG Meats. After trying some of the options LG Meats has in their cheese case, I can say that anyone will find something they love, something they maybe haven’t tried before, and something you will want to come back for again and again.


The team at LG Meats has spent a lot of time curating their collection to have something for everyone, and to offer some really special cheeses. My favorite type of specialty cheese has always been any of the Sartori BellaVitano flavors, and they have that but they also have some other amazing cheeses you need to try.


The bacon cheddar is made with LG Meats’ own bacon that they cook up and deliver to Hill Valley Dairy. Hill Valley is a true family operation — they make cheese with milk from their family’s farm. The bacon cheddar is amazing. It’s a good cheddar with amazing bacon (and A LOT of it), and some black pepper to bring it all together.


Hill Valley’s Whiskey Cheddar is also something special. It’s a white cheddar finished in whiskey (from Great Northern Distilling, which is also owned by a family member!). Whether you love whiskey or aren’t a fan — you have to try this cheese! The creamy cheddar pairs amazing with the smoky whiskey. And if you don’t love whiskey, the flavor is subtle so it’s still worth trying. They also have a Whiskey Gouda.


LG Country Meats also have some great cheeses from Carr Valley, Hooks and Uplands Cheese. You can’t go wrong with any of the cheeses in their case, and they’re always bringing in new options and adding new cheeses!




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