Joni’s Diner is the real deal in Lake Geneva


Diner’s are my thing. I love diner coffee — diner booths — diner front counters — diner baked goods — diner breakfasts — diner soups and salads — diner sandwiches — I love it all….well if it’s a good diner I do!


I love everything at Joni’s Diner in Lake Geneva — so much so that I actually go there by myself when I’m out running errands. Joni’s is off the beaten path in Lake Geneva enough that it’s not overrun by tourists, but it’s so good and people know it — that it’s still always busy. I’ve only ever not had to wait during a lunch stop on a Thursday, otherwise I’ve always had to wait — but it’s worth it. Trust me.

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Joni’s is what you’d expect from a small diner inside an old  L-Shaped Jerry O’Mahoney (according to its website) — it has booths around the edges with window views and a counter along the back wall overlooking coffee pots, soda fountains and a bakery case.


Let’s start with breakfast: I recommend getting one of their giant cinnamon rolls before your main breakfast — kinda like a breakfast appetizer. The dough has a great flavor, the cinnamon and sugar isn’t too sweet, the icing isn’t overbearing, and it’s huge! They’re made fresh so when they run out, they run out — do yourself a favor and claim one when you sit down!


My favorite breakfast by far is their Homemade Corned Beef Hash — with pulled corned beef, sliced fresh cabbage, onions, green peppers and potatoes topped with swiss cheese and two eggs. It also comes with toast. This is truly a homemade version of the diner classic, and I love that it’s not greasy or mushy.


If you’re a coffee drinker — Joni’s serves up hot, fresh coffee every time of day.

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Lunch time: First thing to note is they serve breakfast all day, which I love! But if you’re not feeling breakfast, their lunch options are also great. I can personally vouch for the Tuna Melt and BLT sandwiches — both were fresh, toasty and tasty. Recently I wanted soup and salad. Their homemade chicken noodle didn’t disappoint. It was flavorful, homey and had huge chunks of chicken with some veggies and noodles.


The Chicken Caesar Salad was exactly what it needed to be — fresh, crunchy lettuce with grilled chicken, parmesan cheese and croutons. The dressing was a tangier Caesar than I’m used to, but it was good.

Joni’s is and will continue to be my go-to spot for breakfast or lunch — or breakfast for lunch — in the Lake Geneva area. Grab yourself a cinnamon roll appetizer and a cup of coffee while you peruse the menu and decide what to get.

Note: They’re only open until 3pm and have different hours in the winter vs. summer.


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