Bank facade hides park in downtown Elkhorn


It’s June 22 and we’ve had like three sunny days since the snow melted — and today was No. 4! I had an appointment to get my nails done in downtown Elkhorn at 1:30pm, so I decided to take advantage of the sunny day and some extra time. As I was walking to the corner coffee shop I noticed the facade of an old bank building…but there wasn’t a bank there.


A couple years ago when I was in downtown Elkhorn for the first time, my boyfriend pointed out the “park” and probably explained it all to me, but I completely forgot all of it. So today it was like finding it for the first time all over again. I don’t think the park has a name and there aren’t any signs. There are some beautiful brick walls (perfect for an impromptu Insta pic session) crawling with ivy and a nice little patch of grass just big enough for a toddler to run around on.

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Downtown Elkhorn isn’t the bustling metropolist that some other places with hidden parks are, but even walking from the quiet downtown past those big concrete walls — it felt more serene and quieter back there.

In addition to ample seating…there was also a lot more sun than I would have expected form a park surrounded by concrete and brick on three sides.


Toward the back of the park there’s a sundial-looking thing that was presented to the Elkhorn Garden Club in 1987 in memory of Eidola Renner — who donated money when she died to help beautify the city of Elkhorn (thanks Google!).

This little green space was perfect for enjoying my coffee, scrolling on my phone, and doing a little reading.


  • Do it for the ‘Gram
  • Enjoy your coffee
  • Read
  • Let a toddler or small dog run loose
  • Enjoy the beautiful weather
  • Meditate or do yoga
  • Chat with a friend
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