Monty’s Blueplate more than just a 'diner'

>Three years ago I went to a concert at the Barrymore Theatre and planned to eat the Monty’s before the show. When we got to Atwood the line to get into Monty’s was longer than the line for the concert so we walked down to Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace (a review for another day!). Our dinner at Tex Tubb’s was good but I really wanted to go to Monty’s. So a couple months later made a special trip out to Monty’s with some family and absolutely loved it!

I have gotten everything from a specialty burger and their vegetarian meatloaf (“Meatless Loaf of the Gods”) to breakfast specials and some of their “Weekly Grilled Cheese.” But the Eggs Mornay is what keeps me coming back, for the same thing over and over again. Eggs Mornay is like eggs benedict but instead of a cheesy hoolandaise said it is made with a peppery cream sauce. And Monty’s mornay sauce is so good that when I don’t order eggs mornay but am getting an entree that comes with a form of potato I order a side of the mornay sauce just to dip it in! It is not too creamy and has the perfect amount of flavor from the black pepper that works really well with potatoes.

Monty’s is right next to a sculpture garden on Atwood Ave.

I have gone to Monty’s with everyone from my mom and grandma to vegetarian friends and everyone has enjoyed Monty’s food as much as I do. My next foray into Monty’s obsession will be their dessert menu. Every time I go for dinner I plan on getting dessert too but am too full to even think about something sweet. So a new plan is going to be a dessert-only visit to Monty’s. I’m especially interested in the Peanut Butter Brownie shake! One dessert item I had to take home one of the first times I went was the red velvet brownie the size of a grapefruit. That was amazing and had to be eaten in three sittings it was so big!

Bottom Line: I will continue to go back on a regular basis for Monty’s eggs mornay while periodically trying something new on the menu!


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